About Pointman!

If You Haven’t Tried Us, 
Then You Haven’t Tried Public Relations.

(Dig It. We aren’t like other PR companies.)

We’re journalists. That’s the difference.

Our newsroom experience gives us an edge you won’t find at most agencies. At one time, it was up to us to filter through mountains of terrible pitches from uninspired PR people. We’ve been there, so we know what works and what doesn't.

When you’re launching a new product, creating a new service, or have significant quarterly earnings to announce, our job is easy. But in between the obvious announcements, it’s up to us to come up with clever, unconventional ways to make you newsworthy.

How do we do this? We listen to you. We ask questions. We become part of your team. We pay attention to the news and find opportunities for you to weigh in on relevant topics. Then we brainstorm and come up with a myriad of ideas with varying degrees of whimsy and brilliance until we find the ones that best suit you and convey the image you’re trying to project.

We then leverage our extensive experience and media contacts to secure coverage, enabling you to tell your story – the way you want it told – to the world.

Pointman! PR has mastered the art of media relations. It’s our specialty. But we also excel in many other areas under the Public Relations umbrella including: PR for the travel industry, new product launches, high tech PR, investor relations and corporate video production.

Patrick and his team understand PR like no one else. Their media background and quick wit allow them to come up with out of the box ideas that grab the media’s attention – and keep it.

They generate millions in media coverage for their clients, whether they are emerging companies trying to get recognized, or conservative clients who need to carefully manage their brands while increasing awareness.

I would recommend Patrick and Pointman PR to anyone looking to grab the media spotlight.
— Katie Tingley, Founder - The Tingley Advantage

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