About Pointman!

About Pointman! PR

Here's the why you need a Pointman...

Forget the old adage, “it’s who you know”. While other PR agencies sell on contacts, we sell on the power of a great story. We know that securing media coverage is all about original ideas, not who you lunched with on Thursday.

We understand the best interview is one where you don’t get interviewed. One where our press release does the work—and the talking—for you. 

Fewer journalists in Canada are creating content and those stories are being pushed out across multiple outlets. Our unique story angles are designed to attract the attention of working media. In today’s changing media landscape, this means more ink for your biz and more bang for your PR buck.

Doing the same thing rarely works - you need an original PR approach. We can, and do, create pitches that stand out, get noticed, and garner significant media coverage.

So go ahead, you can start to feel inspired now. 

Patrick and his team understand PR like no one else. Their media background and quick wit allow them to come up with out of the box ideas that grab the media’s attention – and keep it.

They generate millions in media coverage for their clients, whether they are emerging companies trying to get recognized, or conservative clients who need to carefully manage their brands while increasing awareness.

I would recommend Patrick and Pointman PR to anyone looking to grab the media spotlight.
— Katie Tingley, Founder - The Tingley Advantage