Media Training

Media Training with Pointman! PR

Do You Think You’re Ready...
or Know You’re Ready...
to Meet the Media?

Media interview requests often come in fast and furious, leaving you little time to prepare "on the fly." That's why it’s essential to develop a framework of key messages, usable quotes and interview tactics BEFORE the phone starts ringing. 

Pointman! PR has led many companies of all sizes and scopes through the minefield of media interviews. We focus on presenting a worst-case interview scenario; we literally put you under the hot lights by simulating a real TV news interview. We force you to face the hard questions so you'll be able to handle anything the media might throw at you. From a Pointman! PR media training session, you'll emerge cool, confident and convinced that you can deliver a great interview in any medium: print, radio, online or television.

We offer full-day and half-day media training sessions in person, and now by Skype for out-of-town clients.

Speaking as a spokesperson for, and one who did not have much experience talking with the press, Patrick’s in-depth knowledge of journalism completely prepared me on how to convey the message most clearly and authentically. His professional media training helped me to feel much more comfortable in the spotlight
— Allison Eberle, VP Operations for