Meet The Team

Meet the Pointman! PR Team; Patrick McCaully and Ally La Mere


Patrick McCaully 
Canada’s Top News Creator

No need to panic: Patrick McCaully, Canada’s Top News Creator and founder of Pointman! Public Relations has resolved to use his PR powers for the greater good.

With a unbeatably high hit record of media coverage for his varied clients, Patrick is best known as the brain behind some of Canada’s most successful media-dominating PR strategies, including the internationally famous Dump Trump Tie,’s infamous Toronto gas giveaways and’s annual ‘Real Cost of Love’ survey that calculates the cash required to properly court a significant other (by the way its $43,800.08)

He wasn’t ‘chicken’ to help a whistleblower hold a standing room only press conference and blow the lid off of one of Canada’s biggest poultry consumer fraud cases or call out Canadians lying in wait to sue companies under CASL compliance laws, to secure major national coverage for his clients.

So what makes him different to Canada’s other PR big wigs? Glad you asked.

Thinking like a journalist is what sets Patrick apart. Having started his career in the television news industry, Patrick held editorial roles at CTV National News, City TV and the Global Television Network for eight years before moving over to the dark side.

At Global, Patrick held the position of assignment editor for over six years. In this job, Patrick was responsible for creating and approving ideas for news stories, determining story priority and assigning coverage of the news team.

Patrick began his public relations career at one of Toronto’s largest independent firms, where he worked as a consultant and account manager overseeing numerous clients in technology, real estate, consumer and restaurant sectors. Inclined to march to the beat of his own (slightly off-kilter) drum, Patrick moved on to found his own public relations practice, Pointman! Public Relations.

Having seen his fair share of great and disastrous pitches during all those years at the news desk, Patrick understands from the inside out what makes an editor sit up and take notice.

Now with more than 15 year’s communications experience, Patrick has launched and implemented PR campaigns for organizations ranging from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies.

*Actual La Mere may be 'slightly' different than depicted

*Actual La Mere may be 'slightly' different than depicted

Ally La Mere (Operative)

Heavily rooted in tactical PR, Ally La Mere always finds intriguing ways to get her story to the front of the line. If one thing isn’t working, it’s on to the next. 'Goldiepitch' will test out all tactics until she finds the one that is just right.

Ally is natural born storyteller. She believes every brand, product, company or person has a unique story to tell.

She studied theatre (much to Patrick’s dismay) and film at McMaster University and Public Relations at Humber College in Toronto. She began her career at a film PR agency representing two independent film distributors and has worked on a large number of A-List films executing their publicity from festival through to theatrical and home entertainment.

She then went on to dabble in tech, startup, music, theatre and online reputation management (ORM) before finding her way to Pointman! PR.  In ORM, she worked on a variety of clients and learned how to optimize PR for the online space.

Ally focuses on learning about the client’s history, motives and passions so that she may use them to conceptualize and execute the best possible story.  She feeds on the rush of media placement and prides herself on being relentless with her pitches.